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Lifeonaire: Get-A-Life Getaway

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Learn How To Create A Life Of Passion, Excitement, and Purpose… Where You Control your Own Schedule, Master Your Finances, and Get To Do All The Things You Love.

September 27 thru September 29, 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Embassy Suites
7883 Freedom Ave NW North Canton, OH 44720


Are you working harder, longer, more hours, just to get slightly ahead or to stay afloat and never have TIME to enjoy the things you love? Learn How To Create A Life Of Passion, Excitement, and Purpose… Where YOU Control your Own Schedule, Master Your Finances, and Get To Do All The Things You Love.

We live in tough times. We’re more overworked, stressed, unfulfilled, and well frankly – more lost – than ever.

We see it everywhere we turn. People walking around in a daze, drifting through life wondering “Is this really what life is supposed to be like?”

Their relationships are struggling…
Their health is slipping…
Their finances are out of control…
Maybe you can relate. I know I can. I’ve been there.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, chances are Life Isn’t Exactly What You Expected or Hoped It Would Be. And it’s not because you’re not trying to do things right. Heck, you’ve probably done everything you’re “supposed to” and are doing all the things people tell you.

Crazy right!? So why is that? Why are there so few people living fantastic lives? Is there any shortage of self-help or self-improvement seminars?
Is there any lack of business or money-making courses or products?

No of course not. There’s plenty of that stuff out there.

So what’s the reason? Why are so few people living a great life…a life of abundance, freedom, passion, and purpose? It may just be…

What You’ve Learned About Success Is The Very Thing Keeping You From It. In today’s world and by today’s rules, the game of life is un-winnable the way most people are playing. The result? Well…look around. You already know the consequences. You may even be living the consequences.

But here’s the good news…there’s a solution – a way to change the rules of the game in a way to “rig it” and actually make it easy to win.

The solution is called Lifeonaire – a movement that has swept the country and helped thousands of people not only discover and clearly define what their ideal life looks like…but just as important… how to make it a concrete reality.

That’s Why We Have Our Lifeonaire Get-a-Life Getaways. At this life-changing workshop we take three (3) full days and lead you by the hand from where you are now (no matter where that is!) to where you want to be.

From the very moment you set foot in the room at the event, you’re going to immediately do three things…

(1.) Feel the contagious energy and excitement of transformation

(2.) Be encouraged and realize you’re surrounded by like-minded people that want more out of life just like you, and

(3.) Wish you would have done this much earlier.

If you’re “too busy” to go or “it’s not a good time”, this is a huge sign that you need this more than anyone!

I don’t care what you have to do – call out of work, get a babysitter, rearrange your schedule…whatever - just get there! These 3 days will impact the rest of your life. I mean it.

And if you think you “can’t afford it”, I’m going to be blunt here…you can’t NOT afford it. I mean… can you really put a price on your life? I know that sounds dramatic but think about it. What would you pay to live an extraordinary life? It’s priceless beyond measure!

And lastly, if you won’t do this for yourself, do it for your loved ones because whether or not you realize it, your life affects theirs too – in a big way.

Listen…all the things you’ve done up to this point in your life has lead you to where you are today, but you have the ability RIGHT NOW to make a small decision that will dramatically impact the direction, potential, and quality of your life in the future like nothing you’ve ever imagined.

Don’t miss out and waste another day eking through life wondering what’s possible.

Make it happen.

Your Time Is Now.


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Date:  September 27 thru September 29, 2019
Time:  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Embassy Suites
7883 Freedom Ave NW
North Canton, OH 44720

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